Attorney Stanley Robison BBB Status

Attorney Stanley Robison BBB Status

BBBLogoA+The Stanley E. Robison, Jr. Law Office is happy to announce we received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As a representative of our Southern Indiana community, I’m proud of not only the work I do, but equally as important, the way in which I do it.

Qualities such as integrity, honor, and truthfulness aren’t simply ideas to me. As an attorney and a small business owner, those are fundamental to my continued success as a New Albany family law attorney. This perspective determines how I treat my clients as well as the other legal professionals I encounter.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the letter I recently received from the president/CEO of our local BBB office:

“Congratulations on earning an excellent A+ rating with the BBB. BBB ratings are based on 16 trust-related factors, including fair and appropriate handling of any customer complaints filed with BBB, business stability as represented by numerous years in business, and compliance with BBB’s Standards for Trust (More information)

I’ve been a New Albany attorney for over 30 years. It’s not uncommon for people to contact me during incredibly emotional and critical times in their lives. I never take this for granted. My clients can rest assured that I invest the time required to understand the key issues of their situation. I provide the best legal opinions and services I can, because I take their trust in me very seriously.

The BBB recognizes my professionalism and awarded me their A+ rating. My commitment to my current family law clients and to those who may be considering hiring an attorney to handle a complicated divorce is simple. I was raised with the understanding that integrity, honor and truthfulness aren’t just words you use. They’re much more. Those words will always dictate how I interact with others. They’ll compel me to fight vigorously for my clients’ rights. They’ll require me to stand accountable for my actions.

Integrity, honor and truthfulness represent far more than just a slogan. They define who I am.

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