Social Media Challenges for Men

How many commercials have you seen featuring a dad who’s simply mesmerized by the latest flat screen TV, a shiny new sports car or some other appealing object?  It’s true.  Men are visual creatures.  We also have the ability to completely block out the world while focusing on whatever’s right in front of us.  This […]

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Parenting Time – Making the Most of It

There are a number of unexpected struggles for newly divorced parents.  Making the most of parenting time can be difficult.  Understand that it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you remember a few important tips, you can have a terrific time. I previously wrote a blog post called, “Make Your Visitation Days Count.”  The […]

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Overcoming Adversity in Life

I had the opportunity to meet an incredible young man.  His personal story is truly inspiring.  As an attorney, I deal with people in various areas of crisis.  Some feel their worlds are falling apart.  Some feel they are victims of the system.  Once in a while, however, I get to see someone who takes […]

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The Most Common Causes of Divorce

Rates of Divorce As we all know marriage is not something we should enter into lightly. It takes work and dedication. We have all heard it said marriage is not easy! Even the most well intentioned couples can end up divorced and wondering how they got there. The statistics are staggering, 45-50% of first time […]

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Parenting Time When One Parent Lives Hours Away

Shared Parenting Time Indiana has very specific laws in place to set visitation for parents who do not have primary custody of their kids. The law refers to this as “parenting time” instead of visitation. You can read the Guidelines at Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Your local court may also be able to provide you […]

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My ex-wife is withholding information about my child’s extracurricular events

My ex-wife is withholding information about my child’s extracurricular eventsAllison had been practicing for months for her dance recital. There were weekly dance classes after school, and practicing nonstop leading up to the big night. Her mom has been at every practice and cheers her on. She is feeling ready and nervous at the same […]

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How Can I Ensure I Get Equal Parenting Time?

How Can I Ensure I Get Equal Parenting Time?We’ve all heard it a million times. A friend unloads his emotional baggage about his failing marriage, but then tries to put on a brave face as he says, “But we’re going to stick it out. You know, for the kids.” Whether parents remain in an unhealthy […]

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Fun Things To Do With Your Child In New Albany On The Weekends

Fun Things To Do With Your Child In New Albany On The WeekendsGood dads know the importance of making memories with their children. Especially when visitation is short, making the most of your precious time with kids requires intentionality and planning. Making room in your schedule for kid-centered fun is one of the best things […]

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Keeping Open Communication With Your Child And Ex-spouse

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” -George Bernard Shaw Children need meaningful and continuing contact from both parents. The State of Indiana starts with this presumption when setting out parenting guidelines. In addition to nurturing children by taking care of basic needs (food, clothes, shelter, safety, education […]

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