Have You Been Wrongfully Accused of Abuse?

Have You Been Wrongfully Accused of Abuse?

New Albany Wrongfully Accused of Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

It’s the last refuge of a scoundrel — false allegations of abuse. However untrue, these types of allegations can have serious effects and consequences if you don’t fiercely defend yourself. If wrongful allegations of abuse are being used as grounds for modification of child custody or visitation, you need to act aggressively to investigate and expose the untrue nature of the allegations and impeach the credibility of the accusing spouse.

At the New Albany law office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr., our Indiana wrongfully accused of child abuse defense attorney stands ready to defend the rights of fathers against wrongful allegations of abuse. Even a minor accusation can quickly snowball into a major problem. If you are being wrongfully accused of domestic abuse, contact us today for immediate advice.

Remaining Calm Is Key to Your Case

If the police are called to your home on allegations of domestic violence or child molestation, DO NOT speak candidly with them regarding the incident. The police cannot be trusted to accurately document what you say. There is a good chance your words will end up being used against you in court. Also, DO NOT let the police search your home or vehicle until you seek advice from a lawyer.

When it comes to wrongful allegations of abuse, the first reaction is often anger at the accuser, followed by the fear of losing your kids. Don’t let anger and fear cloud your judgment. Cool heads will prevail. Wrongfully accused of child abuse defense attorney Stanley E. Robison, Jr. will make sure that you receive due process and that any allegations of abuse are made to stand up to the burden of proof.

If you have been accused of child abuse or sexual abuse, contact us immediately. These charges are very serious and carry with them a lasting stigma that can affect you the rest of your life. You need an aggressive wrongfully accused of child abuse defense attorney who will force your accusers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did what you are accused of doing. Attorney Robison will immediately move to shore-up your case against any possible criminal charges that may be filed and aggressively investigate the truthfulness of the charges including the possible motivation behind them.

Contact an Indiana False Allegation of Abuse Defense Attorney

If wrongful accusations of abuse have you fearful of losing your kids or having your visitation time cut back or eliminated, contact a wrongfully accused of child abuse defense attorney today. Together, we will expose the false accusations and fight for your right to remain a vital part of your children’s lives.

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