Violating A Restraining Order

Jess wasn’t trying to break the restraining order. The relationship had obviously been tumultuous, and the resulting break up was tough on both herself and Brandon. She would be the first to admit, she went a little crazy, which is why she was in the position she was in. But that did not mean he had the right to keep the things she owned that were still left in his house.

She knew where he kept the spare key, hidden under a rock off the back garage entry. She knew his work schedule – he wouldn’t be home for hours. There was no alarm system, no dogs that would announce her arrival, no cameras that she would have to worry about. All she had to do was sneak in, collect all of her things, load them quickly in her car and be on her way. It was foolproof, right?

She didn’t think about the little old neighbor next door seeing her. She didn’t take into account that he would recognize her car, know of the situation from his conversations with Brandon, and make a phone call. By the time she got back outside to her car, the police were already waiting for her.

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