Ensuring Your Child’s Basic Needs Are Met No Matter How Far Away You Live

Ensuring Your Child's Basic Needs Are Met No Matter How Far Away You Live

“My father always said there are two kinds of people in the world – givers and takers.
The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better.”
Marlo Thomas


As longtime advocates for father’s rights, one of the things we are passionate at the Law Office of Stanley Robison is helping set fathers up for success in walking out parenting plans and custody orders. We leverage our experience and knowledge in the courtroom on behalf of fathers’ rights and we like to see father-children relationships succeed in the aftermath of divorce.

One of the ways fathers who live apart from their kids can make a big impact in the lives of their children is making sure that their basic needs are well provided for. While “basic needs” certainly include child support and monetary generosity, this is only as small part of what it takes to nurture children well. With that in mind, here are some questions you can ask to see if you are well aligned with the State of Indiana’s Parenting Guidelines as it pertains to provision.

Supporting Your Child’s Basic Needs From Afar

  • What communication and support do I need to provide to let my kinds know this divorce is not their fault
  • How can I help my kid(s) develop and maintain an independent relationship with my ex-spouse and me, gaining continuing care from us both?
  • What could be done to keep my children from having to choose sides with either parent?
  • Do my children feel relaxed and secure in their relationship with me? Do they feel the same about their other parent? How can I help that relationship without being negative or manipulative?
  • What creative things can I do to ensure my kids get regular, consistent time with both my ex-spouse and me?
  • Do my children know that their financially support comes from both of us?
  • Are my children physically safe and adequately supervised when in my care and the care of my ex-spouse? What can I do to change that if this is not the case?
  • How can I see to it that my kids have meaningful relationships with grandparents, stepparents and other relatives?

An Indiana Advocate For Father’s Rights

In addition to basic needs, kids with parents who live apart have special needs related to the parent-child relationship. A good father should have a place in the lives of his children. Dads, enlist the experience and proficient counsel of an advocate for fathers’ rights. Don’t sit back and lose your kids or have your parenting time whittled down unnecessarily.

We are uniquely prepared to help fight for your rights as a father. Remaining a vital part of your children’s lives is a part of their healthy rearing. Call us today at (812) 945-3055 or contact us online anytime.

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