Family Law Terminology You Had Better Know

Family Law Terminology You Had Better Know

Family law terminology can be extremely confusing. These are terms and phrases that we don’t have to deal with on a regular basis, yet they can become part of the regular vocabulary of divorce proceedings, custody battles or support hearings. In such situations, having at least a basic understanding of these terms is crucial. Here’s a list of some we think you should know if you find yourself in one of these situations, with definitions provided by Black’s Law Dictionary found at law

Custody: Usually based on ‘the best interest of the child’, this is referring to the arrangements that are legally made for how a child will be cared for, who they will live with and how decisions about them will be made.

Child Support: Refers to the amount of support paid by one parent to the custodial parent on behalf of their child.

Alimony or Spousal Support: The money paid by one spouse to their ex-spouse for the purpose of providing or maintaining support as determined by a court or in a divorce settlement.

Dissolution: The legal process of ending a marriage, also known as divorce.

Separation: The legal separation of married spouses by intentionally living in separate dwellings.

Separation Agreement: The document outlining the terms of separation of two married people that may include terms of dividing of marital property, custody of children and support.

Division of Assets and Property: The process of dividing the assets or property of a marital estate in the course of a separation or divorce.

Restraining Order: A court order prohibiting an individual from certain actions (entering a home, having contact with someone, etc.)

Visitation Rights: The legal rights of a parent to see a child regularly in accordance with court-determined standards.

Custodial Parent: The parent who has primary custody of a child after a divorce.

Garnishment: The repayment of a debt by taking money or property from a someone as appointed by a court; i.e., withholding money from a paycheck for debt repayment or support.

Guardianship: The legal right and duty of someone to provide care and support for a ward and may include making key decisions on their behalf.

Marital Property: Property that is considered to be owned by both spouses in a marriage and is able to be split in the process of divorce.

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