Fathers Who Can Provide A Better Life For The Children Than The Mother

Fathers Who Can Provide A Better Life For The Children Than The Mother

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”

George Herbert 

Financial security is, indeed, a very real kind of security. However, it takes much more than money to raise children. The State of Indiana begins with the presumption that the best thing for children is to have the influence of both mom and dad in the wake of the divorce, but many courts still lean towards awarding custody to the mother. If you are a father entering into divorce negotiations and you believe the life you can provide for your children is better than what their mother can provide, it is not only appropriate that you pursue custody, it is right.

The “good life” is not less than financial security, but it is certainly more. Providing for the basic needs of your child means emotional stability, physical safety, education opportunities, as well as financial security. Certainly if you have concerns that your kids will be deficient in any of these areas living with your ex-spouse, you should fight for their rights.

According to the US Census Bureau, only one in three children live with their biological father. When children do live with their biological father, the positives impact is staggering. According to the National Fatherhood Initiative:

  • Children living with biological fathers show fewer behavioral problems and higher reading achievement in school
  • Children growing up with fathers are the least likely to end up in incarceration or juvenile delinquency
  • Teen girls who grew up with their fathers are much less likely to become pregnant or marry someone without a high school diploma
  • Child obesity rates are significantly less with kids who grow up in homes with their biological fathers

Indiana Father’s Rights Attorney

Are you pursuing custody or seeking to expand your visitation time? Leverage the power an experienced Indiana child custody attorney can bring to your case. Our team is prepared to work right alongside you to seek fair treatment from the courts.

Indiana family law courts still tend to favor the mother. While our past victories do not guarantee future results, we have had success helping fathers overcome common prejudices. Our strong advocacy is available to help win the right you maintain your relationship with your kids.

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