Fighting False Allegations

Fighting False Allegations

“Even doubtful accusations leave a stain behind them.”
Thomas Fuller

Has someone used the accusation of abuse as a tool for manipulation? False accusations of abuse can not only be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation, but also can keep you from seeing your children. The State of Indiana appropriately takes accusations of child abuse very seriously, in spite of the loophole in the system allowing the accuser to leverage an accusation for the benefit of their side of the custody battle.

Dealing With Absurd Accusations

Regardless of how ridiculous the claims seem to be to you, don’t assume that the judge will see things your way. Allegations of child abuse can have very real consequences on you. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of an attorney who can represent you will appropriate strength. Impeaching the credibility of your accuser and proving your innocence may not be a difficult task in the end, but we will need to act fast.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to help your case as charges are being investigated.

  • Keep calm and don’t speak openly with police (no matter how nice they are to you)
  • You don’t have to let police search your home or vehicle (we recommend you calmly but clearly communicate that they do not have your permission without a warrant)
  • Say as little to the accuser as possible (resist the urge to emotionally defend yourself)

Call Stanley E. Robison, Jr. Right Away

Even a minor accusation of child abuse or molestation can quickly become a very serious problem with major consequences. If you are being wrongfully accused of domestic abuse, contact us today for immediate advice.

Stanley E. Robison, Jr.’s New Albany law offices are poised to hear your side of the story if you have been wrongfully accused of child abuse.  Let us provide the defense attorney you need to clear your name and pursue the best possible outcome in light of your wrongful abuse allegations.

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