I rented a car with drugs in the glove box, and I was arrested

I rented a car with drugs in the glove box, and I was arrested

For Antwon, it was just another business trip to Atlanta. He packed his suitcase and kissed his wife and kids goodbye. It was supposed to be a quick 3 day trip, business as usual. When his flight landed in Atlanta, he headed over to the rental car desk, and picked up the keys to a black SUV. It was a smooth transaction and he was on his way to his client meeting. Things went so smoothly, he decided to come home a day early. He was excited to surprise his family, so he packed up his things, loaded them into his rental car and headed back to the Airport.

On his way to the airport, Antwon missed his exit. He took the next exit and promptly made a quick U-turn, but didn’t notice the police car sitting across the street watching. His heart sunk as he heard the sirens, saw the lights and realized he was being pulled over. This was not the way he wanted to start his day. As the officer approached, Antwon noticed he had a drug dog with him. Antwon had no idea his day would go from bad to worse quickly.

Antwon didn’t make it home that night; in fact he was arrested for drug possession. He was unaware there were drugs in the vehicle he had rented. He tried to explain to the police officer they did not belong to him, but he was arrested on the spot. As frightening as this sounds, it could happen to anyone.

What should you do?

Being charged with a drug related crime can change your life forever. You could be faced with fines or even imprisonment, not to mention the embarrassment of a criminal record. If you or a loved one finds yourself in a similar situation, time is of the essence. You need to contact an attorney who will aggressively defend you.

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