Make Your Visitation Days Count

Make Your Visitation Days Count

“But the love of adventure was in father’s blood.”
Buffalo Bill

Just because the marriage didn’t work, doesn’t mean you can’t be the greatest dad on the planet in your kids’ eyes. To be sure, divorce presents noteworthy challenges to any dad, but since when did you back down to a challenge? Are you trying to adjust to the idea of visitation days? Making them count will totally depend on your intentionality. Let’s talk about some ways you can create the environment for memorable experiences with your kids on every visitation day.

Tip #1 – Have A Good Plan

“So what do you guys want to do?” is not a good plan. At the same time, overscheduling is not good either. When time is short you’ve got to have a well-prepared, yet flexible plan.  Remember, you’re not Mom 2.0, you’re dad! Your kids need a dad, not another mom.

  • Are meals worked out?
  • What responsibilities do your kids have? (homework, practices, etc.)
  • What simple fun can we have?
  • What conversation topics interest them?
  • Anything bugging them that you could help with?
  • Is there flexibility in your plan?

Tip #2 – Create Environments For Engagement

Any number of things can derail your plan once it’s under way, but if you’re going to make the most of your time you need maintain an environment for your kids to engage with you and each other.  Is that business phone call seriously an emergency? Will your kids really hate you if you make them put down their mobile devices and engage in conversation? Negativity is an engagement killer – so make a “no negativity allowed” rule on your visitation day.

Tip #3 – Plan Special Activities

One of the ways you can keep things special is to plan special activities, let them know ahead of time when it’s coming, and keep your promises! The key is to plan special activities where you can still talk to and engage one another. Movies are great every once in a while, but not ideal. Here are a few fun ideas for activities to plan for on special occasions (Ie. on weekends, Summertime, birthdays, etc.)

  • Plan a picnic at the park or in the mountains
  • Take them fishing and/or camping (even in the back yard)
  • Go geocaching or plan your own scavenger hunt
  • Take them to a glass blowing, pottery painting, or any other hands on activity
  • Go paddle boating, ride go carts, or go roller skating
  • Take them horseback riding
  • Build the world’s best indoor fort
  • Go to the zoo or a museum
  • Take them to a build-your-own pizza or frozen yogurt place
  • Go for bike rides, walks, and exploring treks
  • Fly kites or hobby airplanes
  • Carve, paint and race C02 cars
  • Take them on a progressive dinner (appetizer here, first course there, second course another place, dessert somewhere else, etc.)

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