My ex-wife is withholding information about my child’s extracurricular events

My ex-wife is withholding information about my child’s extracurricular events

Allison had been practicing for months for her dance recital. There were weekly dance classes after school, and practicing nonstop leading up to the big night. Her mom has been at every practice and cheers her on. She is feeling ready and nervous at the same time. Her special costume is especially sparkly and she can’t wait to show off her hard work to friends and family. As excited as Allison is, she can’t help but wonder if her daddy with be there. He never comes to see her practice, but she’s hoping he will be there for the recital.

The big night came, and Allison was graceful on that stage. Her dance instructor beamed with pride at how well the girls performed. She sparkled and shined just like everyone expected. While she was excited and happy, as she looked across the crowd, she couldn’t help but feel the sting of disappointment that her daddy wasn’t there. She grew up remembering how absent he was during the most important times in her childhood.

What Allison doesn’t know is her mom didn’t communicate with her dad about her practices or the recital. She has no idea how badly he wanted to see his little girl shine, or how sad he was when he heard about it from other family members. She may never know how badly he wanted to be there. She will always wonder why her daddy didn’t come.

Unfortunately, the children always suffer for the decisions of their parents. Kids aren’t prepared for their parents to divorce or fight at their expense. Many times it’s the father’s rights that are never fought for. So many daddies want to be there for their kids, and are never given the chance.

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