My ex-wife won’t let me take the kids out of state for vacation

My ex-wife won’t let me take the kids out of state for vacation

Adam and Kelly met in college and hit it off immediately. They knew they were destined to get married, so the plans began. It was a beautiful wedding and they went on to have 2 children. As time passed, tensions grew and the love they began with turned into animosity and anger. As hard as they tried to work it out for the kids’ sake, the arguing got worse and eventually Adam was asked to leave. It wasn’t long before they were in the middle of a messy divorce and an ugly custody battle.

No one ever gets married and has children expecting a divorce and difficult custody battle. You never start out expecting one day to fight to see your kids, and take them on the vacations you planned in your head for years. This is precisely the situation Adam has found himself in. With his vacation time approaching, he dreamed of taking his 2 children to see his family out of state; however Kelly refuses to allow it. In the end, his children will suffer, missing out on family connections, and memories that only they can make with their father. Who can he turn to for help?

If you do not have custodial rights to your children, your children’s mother can refuse to cooperate with your visitation schedule. Calling the police won’t help; it must be fought through the courts. This can be an expensive and a daunting undertaking. Many times the father’s rights are overlooked by the courts. You need the support of an attorney who understands father’s rights, and is passionate about you being the father you want to be.

At the Law Office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr., we are passionate about your rights as a father. We believe every father has the right to parent his children. If you are in a situation where you may lose custody of your kids, or are being denied the visitation you deserve, don’t hesitate to call us today at 812-945-3055 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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