My spouse is accusing me of driving drunk while with our kids during our divorce.

My spouse is accusing me of driving drunk while with our kids during our divorce.

“When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn’t a sign that they ‘don’t understand’ one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to.” – Helen Rowland

It’s understood by most that divorces can be nasty. In fact many people will tell you there’s no such thing as a complicated divorce, because the truth is: divorce is complicated by nature. There’s no such thing as uncomplicated when it comes to dissolving marriages. With hurt feelings and anger at play, and especially custody and visitation at stake, some people will do and say almost anything in order to manipulate the situation in their favor. Hurt people hurt people. Whether or not you have done anything wrong, your soon-to-be ex may have a desire to see you hurt too, and that could involve an attempt to get your children taken from you.

Drunk Driving Accusations

Driving while under the influence is a serious charge and can bring with it a license suspension, fines and even jail time. If a person were trying to make it difficult to see your children, accusing you of drunk driving could be an effective way to make it happen. If there is a pattern of that kind of behavior, it could be enough for a judge to side with your ex.

Watch your Ps and Qs, Mister!

If there were ever a time to be extremely careful about your behavior, enduring a divorce with children would certainly be one. When custody and visitation are at stake, it’s important to think about how any and all of your actions could be interpreted. When deciding custody, the court takes into consideration alcohol and substance use, social activity (public partying, or multiple sexual partners), endangering the children, and much more. If your children are old enough to pick up on behavior such as alcohol use, they may be perfectly capable of telling someone, “Daddy had a beer, and then we got in the car to go to Mommy’s house.” This could certainly be enough to warrant an investigation.

Indiana Divorce Attorney

You may or may not be surprised to learn just how absurd some people can act during a divorce. It may be new to you, but it isn’t to us. If your ex, or soon-to-be ex-spouse is wrongly accusing you of inappropriate behavior such as drinking and driving with your children during your divorce proceedings, we can help. Contact an experienced, professional and compassionate attorney with Stanley Robison. Call (812) 945-3055 or contact us online today.

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