Overcoming Adversity in Life

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Overcoming Adversity

I had the opportunity to meet an incredible young man.  His personal story is truly inspiring.  As an attorney, I deal with people in various areas of crisis.  Some feel their worlds are falling apart.  Some feel they are victims of the system.  Once in a while, however, I get to see someone who takes what life gives and works at overcoming adversity.  This was that kind of guy.

I usually tell clients that regardless of the situation, it will pass.  Things will get better and eventually, they’ll move on with life.  The challenge for many is the emotional toll a divorce can take.  Feelings of anger, betrayal, and true heartache are normal feelings.  The worst part about it many people feel helpless to control the situation.  This is especially true when a spouse files for divorce, and even more so if infidelity is involved.  If this is your situation, overcoming adversity may feel impossible.

The challenge for each of us is to look for a reason to begin the next phase of life.  I know it feels almost hopeless for some.  The passage of time is an important part of the healing process.

Does time heal all wounds?  Maybe not.  I know for sure though, that time will numb the pain.  It can be that breath of fresh air.  The passage of time may also allow for a new perspective. New clarity can and does lead to a new sense of confidence.

Things will get better.  It’s usually a matter of perspective.

The young man I mentioned isn’t filing for a divorce in New Albany.  He isn’t involved in a custody battle.  He’s simply dealing with a life impacted by the decisions others made.  Sure, he could have sat back and blamed those people.  He could have decided to take on a victim’s mentality.  He could have simply given up on his future.  In fact, this guy did exactly the opposite.  He decided to make the next several years a testament to overcoming adversity.

Out of respect for his privacy, I won’t go into his circumstances.  However, he decided to apply for my scholarship for seniors at New Albany High School.  The applicants were required to submit an essay, “Where I See Myself in 10 Years.”  The top applicants were then asked to participate in a face to face interview with me.  What I learned about this student’s determination, drive and character made a definite impression on me.

This young man’s story demonstrated several of the ideals

we hope to see in our younger generation.

My sense of hope is renewed.  I know there are others like him.  People who have been confronted with challenges.  The question we all must face is simple.  What should we do about it?

As a divorce lawyer and a criminal defense attorney, I hope his example will help others.  It’s not about your past.  You couldn’t change it if you tried.  It is, however, about your future.  Make it one you’ll be proud of in the years to come.

Here’s a video of the actual presentation of the $2,000 scholarship:  https://youtu.be/bugZB2oc_CA

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