Parenting Time When One Parent Lives Hours Away

Shared Parenting Time

Indiana has very specific laws in place to set visitation for parents who do not have primary custody of their kids. The law refers to this as parenting time instead of visitation. You can read the Guidelines at Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Your local court may also be able to provide you with a copy of these guidelines as well. This is designed to explain to you in both actual rules and commentary how the rules apply to you. It is important you read these guidelines before you go to court.

When Distance is a Factor

According to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines:

When distance is a major factor, the following parenting time schedule may be helpful:

         (A) Child Under 3 Years Of Age. For a child under 3 years of age, the noncustodial parent shall have the option to exercise parenting time, in the community of the custodial parent, up to two five hour periods each week. The five hour period may occur on Saturday and Sunday on alternate weekends only.

         (B) Child 3 and 4 Years of Age. For a child 3 and 4 years of age, up to six (6) one week segments annually, each separated by at least (6) weeks. Including the pickup and return of the child, no segment shall exceed eight (8) days.

         (C) Child 5 Years of Age and Older. For a child 5 years of age and older who attends a school with a traditional school calendar, seven (7) weeks of the school summer vacation period and seven (7) days of the school winter vacation plus the entire spring break, including both weekends if applicable. Such parenting time, however, shall be arranged so that the custodial parent shall have religious holidays, if celebrated, in alternate years.

Non-Custodial Parent and Year-Round School Calendar

         If the child attends a school with a year-round or balanced calendar, the noncustodial parent’s parenting time should be adjusted so that the noncustodial parent and child spend at least as much time together as they would under a traditional school calendar.

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