Why Having A Pro-Fathers Attorney Matters In Divorce

Why Having A Pro-Fathers Attorney Matters In Divorce

Many people who are going through divorce proceedings carry the assumption that females are typically favored in the course of those proceedings. In many cases, there can be some truth in this, in spite of stated gender neutrality.

This can have a marginalizing effect on fathers who are involved in a divorce. It can even mean that fathers’ rights suffer a certain level of reduction, which can mean limited visitation or custody.

It is crucial that a child has their father involved in all aspects of their life and while in many states, the courts are beginning to reflect that idea in more widespread terms, many men find themselves fighting an uphill battle in terms of establishing custody, parental rights and responsibilities and also child support.

Having an attorney that understands the significance of a father’s role in his child’s life is a valuable component in getting fair representation throughout the divorce settlement. Dads need someone who will stand up for their rights and help guide them through the process. As a father, you do have equal right to provide input into all decisions regarding your child’s life. There are steps to take to ensure that you don’t inadvertently give up those rights through your actions or decisions.

Unfortunately, false abuse allegations or untrue disparaging stories often have great impact on the right of a father to see his children or be involved in their lives. Although many times valid and very necessary, protective orders and even wrongful abuse charges are sometimes used by a vengeful spouse in order to influence your standing in regards to the divorce case. This is why a pro-father attorney can be a valuable ally in protecting your rights.

At the law office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr., we believe strongly in the advocacy for fathers and are committed to standing up for a father’s rights. If you are facing separation or divorce, having an attorney who specializes in representing fathers is an important step to take. To schedule a consultation with our office, simply contact us online or by phone at 812-945-3055.

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