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I originally filed for divorce with a different lawyer. My ex-wife ended up with full custody of my son. One of my co-workers recommended that I contact family law attorney Stan Robison. I knew it was a great decision after our first meeting. Stan is very assertive and was extremely determined to make things right. Changing custody can be difficult, but I was extremely pleased when I saw his mannerisms in the courtroom. Stan was aggressive in pursuing what my son and I wanted. He was constantly pushing to make things happen. At the end of our case, Stan was able to get a complete change of custody for my son and me.

I’ve recommended Stan Robison to several of my friends. I really appreciated the fact that he always kept my son’s best interest in mind. I can’t say enough good things about Stan and his staff. He was very easy to communicate with and did a great job of keeping me informed though out the case.

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