The Most Common Causes of Divorce

Rates of Divorce

As we all know marriage is not something we should enter into lightly. It takes work and dedication. We have all heard it said marriage is not easy! Even the most well intentioned couples can end up divorced and wondering how they got there. The statistics are staggering, 45-50% of first time marriages end in divorce, and 66% of marriages without children even end in divorce. Unfortunately, while no one ever intends it to happen, there are many contributing factors that lead people to the decision of divorce.

Most Common Factors that Lead to Divorce

Let’s take a look at some of the leading factors of divorce today:

  • Cheating – most people have agreed that adultery would be a deal breaker in a relationship. Once someone crosses that line, it’s very hard to resume trust in a relationship. While you can work together in counseling, it can be very hard to overcome this type of distrust.
  • Addictions – when drugs, alcohol, or even gambling addictions enter a marriage there is often an issue with mistrust, financial ruin either by lack of regard to work, or misuse of funds. These types of activities can ruin a relationship. When someone refuses to get the help they need, it can begin to shake the very core of the relationship foundation and will often lead to a divorce.
  • Financial issues – finances can be the center of many couple’s arguments. It’s important to know each other’s spending habits ahead of time and come to an agreement of how funds will be allocated. Be aware of your limitations and abilities when it comes to saving and spending. This will help you to not be resentful of each other’s habits later on down the road.
  • Communication – many couples have difficulty communicating. While it’s important to speak up, it’s also important both of you feel respected and heard in a safe environment. If you find your discussions becoming heated, angry, and going nowhere, maybe it’s time to get some help from a counselor to learn to communicate with each other better.

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While there are many reasons that people decide to divorce, if you do find yourself in this situation, there is help to guide you through this painful decision. Attorney Stanley E. Robison, Jr. is very focused on protecting fathers’ rights in the midst of a divorce situation. Just because you can’t get along doesn’t mean your rights as a father should be lost. If you need counsel or representation during this difficult decision contact us online today or call (812)945-3055 for an appointment to discuss your case.

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