Wet Reckless in Indiana

Wet Reckless in Indiana

What is “Wet Reckless” in Indiana?

Lots of people like to celebrate special events each year. Whether it’s a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary, or a bunch of friends tailgating at a football game, these special event celebrations often include alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol inhibits people’s judgment and sometimes they think they are “just buzzed” or sober enough to drive. These mistakes can impact someone’s life for years to come. Jail time, significant fines, and license suspension should be expected, but the social stigma, impact on work/employment, etc., are other consequences that people may not realize they may have to endure.

Negotiating a Plea

In the State of Indiana, when someone is charged with a DWI or an OWI, under certain circumstances his or her attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor to reduce the charges. This reduced charge is sometimes referred to as a “wet reckless,” a reckless driving charge involving alcohol.


A wet reckless charge still holds some serious consequences, but it may not impact the driver’s permanent record. This is important because with DUI/OWI, subsequent charges are impacted by previous charges. This is also why this plea deal is only available to first time offenders, usually only when the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is very near the legal limit and could be contested, and for offenders who did not cause any property damage or personal injuries.

Wet reckless charges are also Class B Misdemeanors and hold possible jail sentences of up to 180 days and hefty fines. Also, since it is a form of reckless driving, the offender can expect to have his or her insurance rates increase even higher than they would have for a DUI/OWI. This is because insurance companies see that statistically, reckless drivers are at a higher risk of accidents than drivers under the influence.

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