Wrongfully Accused of Child Abuse During Child Custody Proceedings

Wrongfully Accused of Child Abuse During Child Custody Proceedings

As if divorce isn’t ugly and emotional enough, often spouses can really get mean when it comes to deciding custody. These days, it’s unlikely a court will recommend anything other than joint custody of children unless there is very good reason to prevent one parent or the other from having decision-making power or visitation with the children.

Although laws vary state by state, it’s a commonly held view that children benefit most from equal access to both parents. However, when there is hurt and anger between adults and power struggles, sometimes people can do hurtful things in an attempt to gain sole custody or to prevent another parent from connecting with the children.

What You Should Do if You’re Accused

Even if you’re not guilty of wrongdoing, it’s important to protect yourself and make wise decisions if anyone suspects or accuses you of abusing your children in any way. Some steps you can take to protect yourself are:

  • Be accountable by having credible witnesses with you when you spend time with your children.
  • Try to work things out cordially with your ex-spouse and others involved.
  • Avoid engaging in any conduct that could be seen as improper, i.e. drug use, risky behavior.
  • Hire an experienced attorney.

What You Shouldn’t Do if You’re Accused

Even if you’re doing all the right things to protect yourself, you also need to be sure you steer clear of doing the wrong things as well. For example:

  • Do not mistreat or abuse anyone, including significant others, family members or the children.
  • Be careful of encountering situations that could be interpreted wrongly, like going with the children into restrooms or behind closed doors.
  • Keep your temper and language in check when speaking to any officials or attorneys.
  • Don’t avoid questions asked. Take action and speak with your lawyer.

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